Your opinion about this crossover


2017-11-20 8:07 pm
Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you if you think this crossover can be good for my speakers.
the tweeter is a seas 27tdfc and the woofer is a seas ca18rly.
I simulated the result and it seems good, even the listening and the measurements with mic umik-1 seem ok but I'm not sure and I wanted an opinion from the experts.
thank you very much


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It looks like a good start.

The more information you get though the more you can do, even if it's just to know that you've done enough.

What does the sim look like? Can you describe the box?

thanks for the encouragement.
at the beginning the box was a closed 16L, but I felt the lack of bass, even the measurements gave a graph with a rather damped trend and I didn't like it.
I made a reflex and now it is better but I think I can get from these woofers (officially qts 0.47, zaph measured 0.56) a greater extension in the bass region, maintaining a good efficiency, so I'm about to try a 35L box with a tube of about 6.5cm in diameter and a length of about 16cm, I have to do some tests.
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