your experiences of FR speakers in open baffles

wd love to hear from anyone who has used various FR's in open baffles or something similar, pros and con's etc. I'd like to try making a 'simple' design over the next two months(if i have enough spare cash), a 2-way with the woofer 'boxed'

I've seen the small Fostex's used but I'm wondering about output/spl. Also if its beneficial to put some sound absorbency behind the FR to preserve imaging.
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I tried an OB with a Vifa TC9FD mounted on foam core, glued to a large cardboard "L-wing" OB made from a large cardboard box. The Vifa is actually the preferred FR driver for a very nice OB design called the Manzanita I used a boxed subwoofer from an existing stereo and bi-amped with no cross-over. It sounded very nice - open sounding is the best way to say it. It takes too much room though and I never got around to building a proper wood baffle. My post describing this is here:

I think line-level cross overs between the pre-amp and power amp with bi-amping is the way to go otherwise you spend a lot of money on huge inductors required for the cross over. It costs just as much if not more than getting a second class D amp.

thanks for the replies; Norman I looked at the link, cheers for posting. i wanted to either mount the FR in an open ended short stuffed tube or similar, to absorb some of the back wave
xrk971 I was planning to go for a passive x/o and use same cone material drivers(alu or paper). This way i was hoping a simple 1st order wd suffice, altho I'm worried about overlap from the bass driver muddying the midrange of the open baffle FR. As its only a 6dB slope, my idea was to pull the x/o out by half an octave, (300-450hz)to create a little bsc and reduce overlap. Otherwise I'd have to look at mixing a 1st high pass w 3rd low pass ..
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