Your design/parts/tricks to make a stereo sound more romantic?

Destroyer OS

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2005-11-14 11:09 pm
Perhaps no one here has been to an audio show either. It's not unusual to hear a stereo leaning on the sound almost like candy because it's so overly strangely sweet.

Given how popular Pass FirstWatt is around here, I find it nearly impossible to believe no one has differing opinions on things they do.


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2017-02-07 1:54 pm
Romantic is the tale-telling part of which you are contributing along with another soul, finding the path towards 'coinciding of opposites' (coined by Joseph Campbell).
Whatever the means, Prelude a l'après midi d'un faune (Debussy), or, Pavane pour un infante defunte (Ravel) will suffice in classical settings, but Nick Drake will surely invoke a whirling experience.
Considering this forum and its main participants, I'd better learn from 'the yonder shore', eager and longing, with grace and respect.