you know when it all goes wrong? very simple question

i apologise if this isnt a straight forward simple question to ask you guys, uve more than once helped me on this project (to build a MOSFET amp for uni) and im more than grateful, but with 20 hrs to go my project supervisor has not ordered let alone recieved the MOSFETS i asked him to get. So a very quick drive to get to the electronics shop before it shuts (via one police road block due to an accident, a flat tyre and getting lost i make it just in time).

Anyway a little bit stressed i go in and ask for any MOSFETs they have, fantastically they have one exicon 10N20 and one 10N20 left which i hope will do the job nicely. i promptly buy them and a suitable heatsink, however theyre in a TO3 packet. not a problem you may think? or maybe it is i dont no.:confused:

Only problem is, after 3 years of electronics degree and it being 100% theory no practical work (yeah stupid i know - big regret chooing this course) im completely thrown by them not being the standard transistor 3 legged packet. After looking at the data sheet from what it looks like i just attatch the source one of the large holes on the side? is this correct? does this then not conduct charge to the heatsink?

i apologise if im being very dumb here but my body is currently being sponsered by nescafe and redbull and i would really apreciate some one just telling me if thats correct or not.

i apologise again for the rant, as u can tell im a bit pissed off considering the rest of my amp has been complete for 2 weeks and have just been awaiting my MOSFETS but assured that they would be here by my irritaing supervisor ::bawling:


2003-01-11 8:01 pm
pinkmouse said:
Yes, the case is part of the electrical circuit, and you either need to insulate the devices from the heatsink, or have separate heatsinks for each rail, insulated from the chassis, and not touchable by fingers.

Umm... doesn't these have the source connected to the case. If there are no source resistors it should be possible to have them on the same.