yet one more lm3875

ok i was going to sell the part's. but just then i had a brain fart.
and made another clone yes thats right i sold the part's to myself

hmm there's allway's room for battery's


i added pic's to my webpage



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the modules after testing them more did have problem's with em
there one piece so i could not service them. so i took a chisel and hammer and removed the heatzinc's it worked:D

after removing the parts i taped screw's into them to mount the lm chip's

i cant get the part's i needed for the tube amp right away till i pay off my ebay bills':( kinda like $500 + wife = :headshot:


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
Kinda looks like a stk but with the "external components" moved inside to make the module a complete amplifer that only needs external psu and input/output jacks.

I feel kinda bad to see the remains of them after your abuse with the hammer to get them off the heatsink:(