Yet more new old pictures

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Here's some new old stuff.

1977, Telarc using a 4000 amp as a pizza warmer:

1977, Mike Wright cartoon:

1981, ion cloud speaker at CES:

1981, The many poses of Pass with ioncloud:

1976, First issue of Sound Advice with 800A review:

Later issue with piece by John Curl:

Thanks for the interesting information!!

This link appears to have an error in file size since it downloads in 1 second (even though it says the file is larger) and it won't open:

This second link appears to download ok but then won't open using standard tif filters... I suspect a corrupted tif file...

All others work fine...

Any others out there having similar problems?????

Thanks again for the info,
The Telarc setup appears to be in a motel room, no? The position of the amplifier in front of the air conditioner register may be purposeful.

Telarc was actually the first place I heard of Threshold. In the liner notes from Empire Brass' "Class Brass" is printed:
Power Amplifier: Threshold SA/12e Stasis Pure Class A
This is probably a post-Pass amplifier, but it is nevertheless remarkable for me, because at that time I was keen to find out what all this "stasis" and "class A" business meant. Which is how I got to reading Horowitz and Hill, and Jung, et. al. and building my own equipment.