Yes... another newbies questions.

Hi all...

Ive wanted to build an external DAC for a long time, mostly for use with my PC (as you know DAC stages on soundcards are hopeless).

Ive also been on the diycd mailinglist for a long time now (since it was created), and i think ive worked ouit most of what i need to know (thanks go to those on the list).

After looking around a lot, ive managed to get hold of these two parts which i want to base the DAC around:
Burr-Brown (TI) DIR1703 (spdif recv)
Burr-Brown (TI) PCM1730 (nice 24bit 8xOS 0.0002% THD DAC)

Is there any know issues with these?

From what i can see in the PDFs, the schematics of the circuit should be quite easy to come up with.

Now really what i wanted to ask was, as this will be my first attempt at this, is there any tips/tricks you guys can think of that might help?

These components are really hard to get hold of (im in Australia), so i would like to get this right the first time.