Yaoin MC 100 B


2008-02-29 10:17 pm
So, I have this thing called Yaoin MC 100B and if somebody out there know and could tell me why I got that ***** bas from it please don't keep it secret. Big ******' dissapointment.

It's like nothing if I compare with my 22000 year old Harman kardon 730 twin powered amp/receiver. I brought this because
the selector switch had gone on it and can't find a replacement all the lights are out for about a hundred years ago.

Does the sund improve if I got a external preamp? This ya no in **** got to drive this x 2 with a big bang as my harman does.
Tube or pipes kiss my *** that bad it is the bas!!!

Help me think!!!:confused:

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2008-02-29 10:17 pm
Okay, I try again!

I have this 2300 year old harman kardon 730 twin powered receiver which works well but the selector switch is gone and all the lights has died some 100 years ago! Well his got tyred and I can't get any selector switch to it nor those little bolls to lit up this oldie.

Maybe somebody can help me out to get me some of those spares to it..

Anyway I brought this Yaoin Chinese thing with a lot's of eggboiling things in it and I believe you guys call those tubes or pipes whatever, hot are they like h.....l!. I think they are those
KT 88 frying pans

So, there is no base! It is but nothing if I compare whit the harman kardon.
So I was wondering why? Does it help if I got an external preamp? Or, tell me whats going on because I don't hear that big bang as I'm used to get from the harman.

So it's a big disspointment and nothing else. It's got to move this x 2 (look at the pic)


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2008-02-29 10:17 pm
eyoung said:
Hello All,

From what i can tell he is talking about a tube amp with KT88's,
this may be a subject better served in the valve amp forum.
Unless Boboo can supply us with a better description or schematic
there are a few of us that swing both ways(tubes or solid state that is)...


Yes you are completely right but I’m a newcomer and did not know how the system works and my problem goes to both ways! Solid and soft! :)
The question or the story is this

I don’t know what it is but something is very mysterious with this Harman. ?????

I have tried to replace it during many years now and listen to lots junks, both with high end amps and receivers like Technics, Sony's Akai's Revox's , Sharp's Sansui's and you name it they were all in my living room on try but no one comes near by.

Is that somebody outthere who can tell me why? Because this guy drives all this and you can also see the pic above with out any problem at all..

In one channel for example I got 2x15" bass split in to two, very low so called air suspension cabinet and high bass closed cabinet.
Than, you got two drivers in a wooden horn low and high come in different size with 2 x 4" which overlap the two drivers and just for coloring the sound.
On the top there is one JBL 075 and four Piezzo discount.

Now the other side is almost the same but there is one 15" sitting in one big cube very low frequented faced to the flour to balance and colour the other sides air suspension cabinets sound. I got a very rich sound! That’s why it’s so difficult to find other amps because I’m loosing it.

I’m an artist and photographer and very sensitive when it comes to sound. Now I brought this heater to amp (yaoin) weights six times as much as a Harman and there is no bass it’s like a sopranos comparing to the Harman. The bass from the Harman moves like hell my glasses shaking and dancing in the kitchen and just looked what I got.

And one little question to all the solid state people. Help me please to refurbish my Harman.
I need those things like selector switch urgently. Check it out on the pic

There is some things written on the switch but it’s deep inside in the case.
It says PCB147F 94VI than bottom I think it’s just marking the position and finally some additional figures like 4551-7156

The selector had am, fm, aux1, aux2, phono1, phono2,

But if any of you can supply me with volume, ballance and treble would be nice too.


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2008-02-29 10:17 pm