yamha CDX-993 CD Transport

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Hi, this is my first post ....
I have a yamaha CDX-993 and i have to replace the laser unit because i can't read CD over 70 min.
The laser unit is marked KSS213C but the Yamaha service manual says that it's a Sharp KPC-H1 .
The CD mechanisms is not a SONY KSM213CM but this one :

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

I have bought the unit used and the seller said that the laser unit was replaced.

Do i have to replace the unit laser with a sony KSS213C or a Sharp KPC-H1 ?
What do you think about ?
Can i replace the actual transport with a Sony ?
Please help me
Thanks , Roberto
You do not have a laser problem. You have something interfering with the outermost travel of the laser from the center. Either the cable to the laser is restraining it due to mis-routing or something impinging upon it, or the grease on the guide rail has turned to sludge near the outer end, or something else is restricting movement. In a few cases, I have seen that plastic flat guide piece, screwed to the chassis opposite the guide rail, warp near one end, causing that kind of problem, which I have been able to fix by simply sanding the top surface of the piece back to level flat again. You might also check that there are no broken bits of drive gear teeth stuck in the teeth of the gear rack attached to the laser.
Thanks for help.
I have the problem not with all CD and the laser unit seems to go up the end .
I think it could be a focus problem on the last cd tracks .
Anyway i'll check again the flat cable .
Which is the right laser unit for the CDX-993 , the Sony or the Sharp ?
It should be the Sharp laser, in a near identical, if not identical, mechanism chassis.
The way to be sure about laser movement is to remove the big final drive gear, then see if the laser slides end to end without significant restriction. The fact that it has trouble with some cd's & not others is not necessarily confirmation of smooth movement. A more solid tracking servo lock on a better quality cd can be far less disturbed by this likely minor impingement of movement.
Problem solved .
The connector behind the laser unit touched the plastic frame .
I've removed it and now i can play all the last tracks of my cds.
I think that this it's happened because the sony KSS-213c laser is not the original one mounted on the cd mechanism.
Anyway i've bought a new sharp KCP-1H laser unit and i'm waiting to received it.

Thanks , Roberto
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