Yamaha RX-V365 questions

Hi there,

I just bought a used Yamaha RX-V365, now I'm waiting for it to arrive, I mean it might arrive all broken and it would be all pointless but I'm already going to ask ahead...

1- I would like to know if it's possible to add 7.1 to it like using the front B channel as the extra channel needed for surround and like hack the FW so that the 5.1 analog inputs work and show as 7.1 and add the extra 2 needed coaxial inputs?

2- Also want to know if it's easy to add 5.1/7.1 preout ports to the rear?

3- I would like to know if it would be bad to replace the most likely dried thermal crap including the mica protection or whatever it's used on this receiver and use PC high performance thermal pads directly in the transistors to the cooler and like 1mm thick (I'm talking about those more expensive thermal pads with actually good thermal transference of like between 10 to 14 W/MK and they are non electrically conductive and there's also soft versions...).

4- I'm also considering to add a PC fan of 12V, what would be the best place to solder one so that it goes ON when power is ON and OFF when OFF but need around 12V.

Thank You,