Yamaha NS-80 woofer foam surround


I bought a pair of Yamaha NS-80 speakers for $25 today. The overall condition is very good, but, the woofer foam surround is dried up and cracks on both speakers at the exact same places (otherwise, they'd be mint). In fact, I tested them a bit, they sound great, but the foam falls apart when I use them...

Anyone knows what I can do with this? I see there are surround replacement kits, but there are so many different woofers, what should I do? (Shouldn't be too expensive)
Well if you are good with your hands you can do it yourself with the kit.But it's not for the timid you can mess this up real easy.

Otherwise send them to a speaker repair shop and they will fix them.I don't think the chrarge for this is outlandish.

I just never got speakers fixed myself I did it myself.But I bought a spare foam set and good thing 1st time it didnt come out right at all hehe.
Otherwise send them to a speaker repair shop and they will fix them.I don't think the chrarge for this is outlandish.
There isn't a single competent A/V repair shop around Montreal apparently(and they all charge an arm and a leg), I'd have to ship them, etc. (trouble)

I would call or email these guys http://www.simplyspeakers.com/2doityourself.htm .

They will be able to tell you what size to order.
They said to buy an 8" kit, the woofers are 10", I told them, they said that I should get an 8" kit anyways because Yamaha claims so...

By the way, should I remove the dustcap to align the voice coil or use the New-Edge-It method?

When I replaced the surrounds on my Infinity RS-5b's, I didn't remove the dustcap.

While the glue for the surrounds was still wet, I laid the speakers flat on the bench, connected them directly to an amplifier (without a crossover) and played a 10Hz sinewave into them for a few minutes. I set the amplitude to the cones were moving in and out maybe 5-10mm.

It worked a treat. They ended up being nicely centred.
The parts remained glued together? How much time have you waited before doing this? (They say to prevent the cones from moving until the glue has dried)

I think I'll order the foams from Orange Country Speakers rather than Simply Speakers(New-Edge-It). OCS has what looks like exact replacements for my drivers, and they claim a 20 years foam life, the same as for the New-Edge-It kits. I'll check for the shipping costs before though.