Yamaha M80 meltdown -- HELP!!!!


2006-10-23 9:51 pm
Greetings all,

I've had the Yamaha "stack" (M80, C80, T80, etc) since
the mid 80's and it's never failed to impress anyone, until recently. A tiny wisp of smoke and... silence.

Upon opening the amplifier I discovered that several of the smaller electrolytics leaked causing significant corrosion of component leads and the eventual failure. My problem is that some of the components are so scorched I cannot identify their values. There are also a couple small diodes (assuming zeners) that the leads appear to have completely dissolved.

Anyway I've searched all over the web and cannot turn up a single resource for a schematic or service manual for this amp and Yamaha tells me it's no longer available. Is there anyone here who might have one or know of a resource for one? I'd rather put this thing back in service instead of adding yet more parts to my "junk box" that will probably never be used.

Many thanks in advance!


2006-10-23 9:51 pm

Gratitude to all who've responded!

Bigred: Not sure why you can't email me through the forum.... I thought that was enabled. But thanks for trying. I've tweaked a couple settings. Maybe now it will work

EchoWars: I have no idea how you were able to find these. Honestly, I've been Googling ( is that even a word???? ) for weeks and have found dead ends and non-responses from places that looked like they might help. Thank you!!!!!

ACD: Thanks for the link to the M60 PDF. It may actually contain all I need to get this thing back on line. Much appreciated.

Once again, many thanks to all!