Yamaha HT amps - Worth the money?

peter_m said:
LOL, I can read english just fine thank you. I should have specified for actual real life experience with Yamaha in general...

Do they lie in their specs?

Figured you could read, was just afraid you might have been lazy ;)

to answer the new question as best I can: Yamaha has been a trustworthy brand in everything I've seen and experienced. Admittedly, I can't claim to have owned any, but I've listened to them at several audio stores and didn't find anything wrong with them compared to the other similarly priced recievers. They didn't sound to be lacking in any particularly obvious area, but then again, I wasn't wow'd by them either. They didn't feel understated, or overstated to me. More of a "here's what it is" feeling. Then again, my ears aren't quite as golden as some. Everyone I personally know who has owned yamaha claims them to be solidly build and reliable (only two people, so not as across the board of a claim as you may be hoping for). That's what I got.
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Do they lie in their specs?

It's not called lying; it is "specmanship" LOL!

It's hard to judge a HT amp's capability based on it's quoted ratings. Manufacturers generally quote performances as measured under the most optimistic conditions. I own a Yamaha HT amp RX-V1400 RDS and several friends and family also own Yamaha HT amps. Never heard a harsh word mentioned against them.

That being said, I ensured that I got an amp that had pre-outs that could drive external amps, should I wish to have higher power outputs...
The emphasis is on HT use and not music making. They're OK on music but you can do much better using dedicated stereo components.

It all depends how much you expect of the sound and many are more than happy with the results. I have 2 systems in the main area.... 1 for HT.... 1 for music and they share nothing between them. My choice for my tastes.