Yamaha DSP-E800 DAC upgrade

Hello everyone.

Suddenly, i got this Yamaha DSP-E800 almost for free.
It uses AK4324 as a main DAC. Heard a rumor that it can be changed to AK4393 or 96, is that true? I like how AK4396 DACs are playing.

So, anyway, i'm planning to add rear channels to my system with this Yamaha.
Will use it as a DAC from PC S/PDIF and CD S/PDIF output for some time.
And wanted to know, can 4324 be changed to newer 4396 (unfortunately, newest AKs from 44xx series are out of question).

(Also searching for DSP-AX1, these beasts use PCM1704 for all channels, but they are rare as hell).