Yamaha CR-2020 Phono Board help


2016-02-27 7:28 pm
I have recapped the majority of this receiver and just decided to yank out the tantalum caps from the phono board. It is an almost impossible job without removing the entire board as there are metal crossmembers underneath the pcb. I loosened the board as much as I could and removed the back panel, but it is still very tight quarters. Anyways, upon removal of the tantalums, some of the traces on the board pulled up and separated and now I have nothing to solder to and because it is such a tight space, I can't see a bloody thing.

Would it be possible to attach the caps from the top? If so, Is my logic in the following photos correct? Any help would be appreciated. I really really really do not want to remove the tuner/phono board from the chassis as it would involve re-stringing the tuner. I am only concerned about the four 220/6.3 caps:

The schematic:

My thinking: