Xover upgrade. New components running in... How long?

Hello everybody,

I just have finished a restoration of my new (actually 23 years old) AR98LS speakers.

This is my first project of this kind...

I replaced all old capacitors in the xover with polypropylene (ICEL, made in Italy, PHC type).

I also replaced the original wiring with Van den Hul SCS 12 cables (http://www.vandenhul.com/cable/scs-12.htm).

For the tweeters I used double runs of teflon insulated pure silver wire.

All rotten surrounds were replaced too.

What would be the expected runnining-in time?
How long I must wait before I can fully enjoy the sound of my freshly renovated speakers?

Restoration details are here...

Thanks in advance,

A quick answer=

About a week of god listening. A more qualifies answer would be to run them in for three or four days with white noise ( the noise you hear when the FM tuner is not on a sation properly. This should run them in. As for getting the original sound. It depends on the type of surrounds that were installed whether they altered the drivers Qts. Also if the driver voice coils were properly centered vertically and horizontally. Many variables.

If the person doing the new surrounds was experienced I think you should have some good sound.