Xover help for Econowave Build W/ Celestion 15" & D220ti


2013-03-05 1:01 am
Hey Guys, I'm starting to get my head around things. I've been looking into the Econowave builds and shopping around some, I'm going for low bass and low cost as it's my first shot at all this. Parts express has Celestion 15"s on for $50 so I figured i'd start with that. Just need some help with the xover! Right now here's my shopping cart. 2x Celestion 15's 2x D220ti 2x Selenium HC23-25 (The PA style horn as a funktion1 reference...) and i'm picking up a set of their Celestion 18s for a separate Sub to go with later on. (50% off!) Does anyone have time to help me piece together a Xover for this? I'm not sure I understand the numbers involved, and since I'm upsizing from a 12" to a 15" I thought I'd ask. Can I keep the same parts from say, the Deluxe Econowave build? Sorry for Noobing! Thanks again guys!