Xonar U5 usb problem!!


2014-10-03 8:14 pm
Hi, i bought a Xonar U5 audio card but when i measured it, i was shocked about the phase and step response...

that's the bad response when switched to 2.0 mode.


thats' the good response when switched to 1.0 mode


There are no filters or eq's involved, so the response must be "flat". I tryed to change from 44.1khz to 48khz and 96khz. and from 16 bit to 24 bit, but the problem remains.. :confused:

I also tryed the sound card with another pc and the result it's the same. I have others 2.0 card like and behringer uca222 and they work perfecly.

I don't know other people who have the same card, so i can't know if the card is "broken" or it's just a defect... Anyway is there a way to fix it? :(