xo for scan speak 6600

hi every one
i need help xo 18db/octave for scan speak 6600 tweeter
xo frequency 3500Hz

best regards


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2008-02-18 11:33 am
Hi, 2khz seems better. This tweeter is not done to support high level below 2khz.
Is this tweeter can fit with a 95db midrange ? Is the tweeter sonically marry the 8" ?

I think it is better to use less expensive driver but in a more linear range (e.g. 5"+1"). The result is almost good.
Have fun.
Hi jerome69,

drivers are still at my friend's home. I selected an 8" because I will use a side-firing 15" woofer, so Fx woofer/mid has to be low (100 to 150Hz max); that's the reason I needed a large cone area for the upper-bass/low-mid range; also I didn't want to build a 4-ways speaker, so no high-mid driver.

That been said I guess ending up with a 91dbs/1 watt/ 1 M global efficiency. Theorically the 6600 should be able to handle 111 dbs at 1600Hz half space with its 0.8mm one way max mechanical excursion. With the slight roll-off begining a bit sooner I thought 1400Hz should be safe enough (100watts)...Distorsions on Zaph's site seem to be low even at this fr...