Xmos XU208 Daughter Card Software Issue

Helllo to all,

I had started a thread, about the Chinese DAC Board, but not much replay.

Now, I need information's about the Xmos XU208 Daughter Board.

This board is sold at Ali Express, Amazon, Ebay and more.

I cannot install this Xmos board to my computer.

I think, that board have no Firmware loaded, it is empty.

Does any one have some experience with this Xmos XU 208 board?

Any information's about Firmware and Software for this board.

I hope, somebody have some experience with this Board.

Thank you.


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Hi to all,

I have tried many drivers, from JL Sounds.

Installation succesfull, but not found the USB Board.

In the Windows ( 7 or 10 ) Hardware Manager I can found the USB Board, Name HIFI DSD, but cannot start.

Do somebody know, what Company make these USB Boards in China?

No writing of Company on the Board.

Thank you.
Where did you buy board from? what dac board? you need to contact seller and request driver for that board. Many times in the past i have found drivers from other manufacturers will not work with the chinese clones.

i see these boards on ebay ..you could try and message sellers for driver
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2009-07-30 9:54 pm
You need to have a driver, which will work with the USB VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) of the board, so generally only the driver made for your specific board will work.
If Windows can see the board, firmware is definitely present on it.
Hi to all,

thanks to a DIY Audio Member, I found out, that the 12SoverUSB v2.15.0. driver is working with my USB DAC Board.

This driver is form Xmos, and it is a DEMO VERSION, this means, the player works 1 hour with no problem, and than it starts to BEEP every 5 minutes or so.

On the web page from Xmos, they say, end users cannot get a driver without the limitation ( BEEPING).

Do have some people experience with this problem?

Is there a version without the BEEP?

Hopefully, somebody found something.