Xmos Part Confusion


I'm simply researching a way to add USB audio 96khz (but 192khz is nice) to a PCB design.

I have read about the Xmos XHRA-2HPA which is supposedly a stand alone chip with its own firmware to enable high-res USB to I2S.

However it seems to be obsolete, at least on the DigiKey site.

Over on the Xmos site I can't figure out which current chip is the replacement. Can anyone help me? Everything seems to be multi-channel, multi-core DSP that I totally don't need.

The Bravo SA9023 might bre a better choice I guess, but I can only find that Chinese spec sheet and not sure how easy it is to source. Is the company Bravo or Savitech, or it seems like an ESS part number...

No experience in implementing USB myself other than PCM2706 (which is limited to 48k I think). However from reading around I've formed the impression that the best bet is the CMedia CM6631A unless you're pushed for space. It does need an external flash chip. Member @IVX has real world experience if he's still around. One of the CMedia support staff sometimes pops up on DIYA to help with queries about firmware.


2013-01-22 6:45 am
Xmos XHRA-2HPA was the limited version of XU(F)208. F means flash memory inside the chip.
Its only advantage was that it didn't required any programming skills. The user can edit a .cfg file (I2C commands, GPIO pins - I used this feature to configure F0...F3, DSD-enable Amanero like pins) then generate a bin file and upload it in the flash memory (I used a cheap FlashcatUSB device).
XU208&XUF208 have the advantage of totally firmware code control, pins mapping (with the respect of some rules) etc. The reference firmware code is already made by Xmos, you only have to edit it according to your project. Let's say that XU(F)208 is the unlocked version of XHRA-2HPA.