XLR to DIN adapters grounding


2003-09-03 12:17 pm
A classic pin 1 problem...

I've got an amp with 4 microphone inputs. Two are balanced (transformer input), two unbalanced. Until now, it was in used in a place wired with unbalanced cables for all mics. I'm changing the wiring to proper microphone cables.

As the amp has DIN inputs but I'd rather future proof the wiring, I'm building an interface box with XLR inputs and DIN male plugs to connect to the amp. I'll also insert a pair a 1:1 xformers in front of the unbalanced inputs.

I attach below the schematic of the input section of the amplifier and the projected interface box.

Here's the question: do I tie the incoming earth (pin1 of the XLRs) to the pin 2 of the top DINs (signal gnd), to their shells (connected to PE) or to both, knowing that earth and signal gnd are tied through a cap inside the amp ?


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