XLI VS OUTLAW 2200 - (i need some advice)

i need some advice ,after some recent noise issues with my amp an speaker a friend suggested that i go with the MODEL 2200 because of the high signal to noise ratio of 112db over the crown xli 800 sin ratio is 100db with Crosstalk (below rated power)
At 1 -75 kHz At 20 kHz –59 dB i cant find any

related data for the model 2200 other then the sin at 112db for comparision ,for ref my setup is this, iv got the 976 4k receiver paired with 4 crown xli 800 to drive my centers fronts an surrounds ,the fronts an centers are duel 8in drivers an sides are singal

8in (center is comprized of two rb-81 ii on ther side with the tweeters in the center ) i rarly use the eq unless extrem lfe bass is present in a film my subs are two 15in custom ported tuned at 17hz run off a xls1502 , but iv recently noticed some sril distorion with

my centers after upgrading to the xls 1002 from my xli ,could this be do to the sin ratio an noise floor differences an would it be worth the invest to upgrade to the model 2200 for each of my speakers except my subs thers no issue with them
Frankly, that was a bit hard to read.

So do you have audible hiss from the speakers? Even when the power amp input is unplugged (and preferably shorted)?

100 dB of SNR for a 200 wpc power amp is Not Great for sure. (The XLS1002 is not likely to be any better.) The Klipsch speakers are not exactly shy on sensitivity on top of that (97 dB/2.83V/m). I'm not at all surprised if a combo like that is audibly hissy.

You will have to hunt for some more hi-fi worthy power amps there. Outlaw Audio's own Model 2200 certainly would be a good match, but you may also be able to find some classic (maybe '90s) 2ch studio/PA iron that'll do the trick at a more attractive price point. The old Yamaha boatanchors from the late '70s to early '90s (e.g. P2200, 2201, P2250, P2350) are very good amps as well once restored; any if their models from '94 on do not seem worth bothering with.