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xformers, caps, relays for sale (pics too!)

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hello everyone. im clearing out a lot of the extra stuff i have in my basement for some extra cash. i have a lot of little bits that im sure SOMEONE could use. so, here it goes:

Transformer 1:

i have one of these. I'm not sure the VA rating, but it came from a surround-sound receiver (denon) and the back said it had a power consumption of about 3.4A.

its about 4" x 5" x 3". its pretty heavy, a good chunk of metal.

with 115v on its primaries, i get dual 39v secondaries. i have a wiring diagram for this. best offer.


Transformer 2:

i have one of these. this one is also from a denon receiver, about the same size and power rating, so it should be comparable to the first one.

its about 3" x 5" x 4".

with 115v on its primaries, i get dual 42v secondaries and also dual 12v secondaries. good for an amp with fans or a need for 12v also. i have wiring diagram for this as well. best offer.


Transformer 3:

i have 4 of these! this is a goodie. its basically a 1.25kva isolation transformer. use this for your next power conditioning project, tube amp, or a high powered amp. it has 230v primaries, so you could get 60v out of it. the wiring diagram is here:


its about 25 pounds or so and about 6.5" x 3.25". im selling each for $75, or a discount for 2 or more.


Transformer 4:

i have two of these. they are pretty nice. brand new, never used. they have quick disconnect terminals for easy connection. it says its a 130va with dual 14v secondaries @ 115v primaires. it looks very well made.

it measures 3" x 3.5" x 3.5". i dont have a wiring diagram, but it looks pretty self-explainatory. im sure you could find something online for it. if you need help, i can give you the model # and everything. its made by signal transformer. best offer.


Transformer 5:

i have 3 of these guys. they look very nice. i couldnt find a price on them, but i assume they werent cheap. they are little 24v 5.5va transformers that could drive relays, leds, fans, etc... they are encapsulated and PCB mount. they have the specs printed on the front (as seen in the picture). i dont have a wiring diagram, but you could figure it out from the picture.

they are 1.5" x 1.75" x 1.25". best offer.


Capacitor 1:

I have 8 of these. these were originally going to be used for my aleph3's, but i never ended up using them. perfect for some aleph or amp projects though. each is 35,000uf 40vdc, with screw terminals. you can see full specs from picture.

they are (minus terminals) 4.25" x 2.5". $8 each or $50 for all 8.


Capacitor 2:

i have 8 of these. these were left over from my aleph3 build. they are 26,000uf 75vdc phillips caps. they seem to work great for my aleph3s.

they are (minus terminals) about 4.125" x 2". $8 each or $50 for all 8.


Capacitor 3:

I have two of these. tall, skinny, and 24,000uf 50vdc. screw terminals.

5.75" x 2". $10 for both.


Capacitor 4:

I have 5 of these all togehter. there are 2 spragues and 3 mallory's. they are all the same values and sizes. 2,000uf 200vdc. screw terminals.

4.25" x 2". im not really sure what a good price is for these, so ill throw out $5 each? or send me an offer.


Capacitor 5:

I only have one of these. im not sure what you would use with just a single cap, but im sure someone could use it. its a 20,000uf 50vcd with screw terminals. same size as the ones above.

4.25" x 2". best offer.


Capacitor 6:

i have 10 of these. 2200uf 200vdc. they are snap-in.

about 2" x 1.5". $1 each.


Capacitor 7:

i have 8 of these. they look the same as capacitor 6, but are different value. 560uf 400v.

about 2" x 1.5". $1 each.


Relay 1:

i have 6 of these. they are NAiS safety relays. they are 24vdc and can handle 6A at 250vac at terminals. they are 4PDT pcb mount. digikey sells them for $43 each.

2.125" x 1.25" x 0.75". $15 each.


phew, that took forever. SO, here are the rules. shipping is extra. i can ship UPS or USPS (i hate fedex, but can do it if you want). i could ship internationally or to canada, but you would have to take care of esimating cost and method. i dont have a ton of free time to track down the best way to ship overseas.

prices are relatively negoitable. any reasonable offer will be considered. buying multiple items is a bonus and i will offer discounts to getting more than one thing. if any of the prices i listed are absurdly high, im sorry, i was just tossing down numbers.

payment methods can be paypal, money order, or personal check (in order of preferance). if you can do paypal, i would prefer that. and i would wait for a personal check to clear of course.

if you have any other questions, please let me know. most of the items i have found some sort of datasheet on, but beyond that, all items are assumed as is, although most all have actually been tested as working, but i dont offer warranties of course. but once again, i have tested them all to work just fine.
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