XBOX DVI connector


2005-03-17 3:59 pm
Hi all! first time post! whohoo, anyways I saw a lil box for the xbox that took the a/v plug for the rear of the xbox and turned it into a dvi connection. I think it also had a line doubler, i believe I saw the one that microsoft offered that was on xbox website for $20 but it is not the one that I saw. Also I dont think that it was a line doubler. I am trying to hook up my xbox to my soon to be ready lumenlab PJ. CAN ANYONE HELP? PLEASE.
Im trying to cut some costs and stay away from the expensive N6 that everyone talks about.
Thanks to anyone:cool:
im almost sure that you cant get DVI out of an xbox without an active circuit. so, that means you will at least pay $50 (probably closer to $150) for the box.

i only know this because i did extensive research in modding my xbox for higher quality video outputs. check out my site (click on the www button) and goto xbox modidifcations. component video is the highest you can get out of the xbox without an active circuit.

you CAN get VGA out of it (aka a computer monitor), but it needs a circuit to be built. they make these ready to buy, but they are at least $50. but as far as DVI, i wouldnt bother. is there a reason you want DVI? you will not improve picture quality, and i would venture to say that DVI will be worse picture quality than component or VGA because the video processor in the XBOX isnt that great. using a line doubler or something would be helpful.

if you have any more questions, i can point you in about a thousand different places and give you all the information you could possibly want about video and the XBOX :)