xblaster kd-xb

I am using an xblaster (kd-xb) to connect the component video output from a dvd player (toshiba sd-4800) to a computer monitor (CTX PR-710). For one video dvd (with a full screen format), the system worked great. But for a second dvd (with a wide screen format), there was a white square wave in the upper left corner of the screen. The square wave was at an angle to the horizontal and would disappear and reappear. Otherwise the picture was stable and looked good. However, when I turned the monitor off and back-on, the picture became unstable. I have tried connecting the output of the xblaster to the regular vga input and to the five bnc inputs with no change in symptoms. I also tried connecting the the xblaster to a Philips 107S monitor. With the Philips monitor, still images looked good, but it would not display the movie at all.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to use an xblaster to connect component video to vga. What could I do to get rid of the white square wave?

thank you very much,
don burgess