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For Sale XA252 mini

Things you have for sale.

Do you mind updating the 1st post of this thread with the schematic as it pertains to these populated boards you are selling? It’s unclear to me if what we are looking at is a variation of the ”Boo” output stage or a full amplifier channel including the gain stage similar to the XA252, except for the output MOSFET devices (TO-247 vs the large pucks in the XA252). Also, what is the approximate distance in mm between the output Mosfets (drill hole spacing). FWIW, I’ve already reviewed your thread, “the marriage”.

You can pm me this info if you don’t want to update the 1st post.




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I did not run this amp at bias lower than 1A..
If you search for a small and nice sounding amp this one is hard to beat.
I built 2 monoblocks that I use as reference amps in my system :)
When my friends that visit me aren’t impressed with anything else that I have connected at the moment to the speakers I connect these and none of them had something to object.