xa100.5 - enough power for my speakers?

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I've come across a good deal on a pair of lightly used (sorry Mr. Pass, wish I could afford to buy new), xa100.5 monoblocks. I realize amps need to be matched to the speakers with regards to input sensitivity but it's a topic that I don't know much about. I own a pair of revel ultima studio 2's that have a sensitivity of 87.7dB and a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and a minimum of 3.7 ohms. My speakers are positioned about 3 meters from my listening position, maybe plus one foot.
I'm just wondering, is the xa100.5 enough amplifier for my studio 2's to keep it from running out of class A?
Also, when i'm home and not sitting down to listen at normal levels I always have music on in the background while doing things around the house. I fully expect that at this louder level the amp would probably run in A/B but i'm just worried about clipping.
My main concern though is keeping that needle in the middle of the meter when sitting down to listen and not harming my speakers when turning it up for out of room background music.

Any advice/input would be much appreciated.
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plenty of threads with similar question

however - if 100W of A class (200W A class peak , as written on PL site ) isn't enough for those spks , toss them from highest building in your village :clown:

- just compare numbers - db/W/m , impedance modulus , of your speaks with PL SR series ....... then note that NP is feeding his own pair of SR1 with pair of XA60.5 ...... then you'll know the answer
Sorry to bump this thread but I had a bit of a stupid question.

I've been enjoying my new amps for a few weeks now and am very happy. Don't think I will be "upgrading", for a long, long time.

Anyways, i'm new to class A amps, I have listened to them before but never had one in my house. My question is regarding the warm up and cool down. Is it normal for them to clank/bang as they warm up and cool down. When warming up i'll usually hear 3-4 loud clank/bangs (as i'd call them), and cool down it's usually 4-6. I understand it's expansion/contraction of the heatsinks most likely but I was just wondering if this is normal behaviour. I usually sit down to listen to music as the last thing I do before heading to bed, and on more than one occasion have been woken up or startled by the noise just as I had started to fall asleep 15-20 minutes after powering the amps down.
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either over-tighten or not enough tighten screws in some positions

screws holding together heatsinks and bottom/upper plates are need to be tighten ...... "normally" ;

same for screws holding mosfets to heatsink

Pa will be able to give you more specific advice , I'm sure

just one thing - according to enclosed scale , where temp of your monoblocks is ?


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The sheet metal screws have washers that discourage over-tightening,
but the faceplate does not.

You can go around the exterior and loosen/tighten the screws and usually
that will reduce the issue, but it is likely that thermal expansion/contraction
will still give some noise.

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