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HI again. Ok i need help with the x-overs. i dont have the software or the ability (skills) to design them.

The speakers are a Morel 166 which you can see here www.solen.ca [click speakers and then Morel]

with the Hi-Vi RT8II tweeter which you can see here http://swanspeaker.com/product/htm/view.asp?id=18

You will notice that the tweeter is far more efficient then the woofer thus another problem that i doubt i could solve without help.

I want to follow some advice i have been given on this forum and x-over out of the vocal/presence range so 3k + and then whatever tweeter attentuation is recommended by experienced DIY'ers.

I can follow schematics just fine and am more then willing to listen to sage advice if its warranted.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
i tried modeling it in crossover pro for you but, not solan or swan have enough specs on the hi-vi to model it.i had the same problem with the lcy110-couldn't get the full specs.you should ask chris at solan to model it for you.he as never charged me for the crossover design!it may not be exact,but a good starting point

I spent a day looking everywhere for someone who has used this speaker. I was about to give up when i found a japanese version of Yahoo where a gent had it in his profile. Roughly translated by my friend it looks like a 6db first order crossover 2500 hz and 18 db on the woofer. Strangely there was also other values in the schematic that apparently were resistors. I am still figuring out what they are for but i am assuming attenuation. I am ordering a x-over program so i can stop asking questions here about this thing. I just want to finish it and see what happens , good or bad. If its bad i start again and do things differently . If its good ill start tweaking. At least my subs cant fail.

Speakers were something that was in normal letters as B+C plus the Hi-Vi Tweeter.
They are assembled now. Drinking and surfing e-bay for some small tube amps mabey i can get lucky and find a pair of stereo 20 watters :D


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.