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X-over designer wanted ...

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As it says. Looking for an experienced Canadian (preferably ontario) person who is willing to take my little two ways and play with them till they get a good x-over. I will pay for your time/parts and the shipping both ways.

Ya i know what some of you are thinking but i look at it this way. It would cost me MORE to go out and buy all the mics measurment tools and software then it would to UPS it and get someoen experienced to do it right. I already spent 150 dollars and i know something is off. Modelling is great but without a way to measure and analyse it .......

this was original thread http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=60148

thanks all
I think i am going to go out and buy enough components to try it in 4 orders. see which one i like better. If i still dont get what i want i will send them to someone who knows what they are doing. I rented a mic today and was playing around all day. It showed me some interesting stuff but nothing i cant already hear. I still dont know what to look for. Taking the mic back and playing by ear for a week.
Well what do you know....... i find that i had the mono button in creating all kinds of problems on that old amp. AND, the 1st order crossover sounds much better. Tweeter in phase and 8 feet back is sublime now it not only beats my KRK it 'STOMPS' them (r) i have the album :p smooth as silk no hump and no low bass but it is a 5 inch an a sealed enclosure. Now to get the dam bass bins done and then oh joy oh bliss. ( ya right , ill be posting stupidity again ) ;)
I got them it dialed in last night FINALLY . i took each speaker into the bathroom and shut the door. And just measured them electrically. they might as well have been to different companies speakers :xeye:

one was 5.3 re and .466 le and the other was 6.5 re ans .64 le. Needless to say that all my attempts at crossover have been failures the last couple days. Constantly using the EQ to cut the mid frequencys to ribbons just to listen for a few minutes.

Well i no longer have any hump that i can hear (ignore my above post hump is hard to detect with instrumental string type music) with the EQ off and using my perfect pitch nosey neighbour type super hearing. I would say that it is like my head phones right now. Also had to remove the impedance correction to lose the distortion. Doesnt matter thought as the rise does not even start till 3/4 of an octave past the crossover point. thank you wintermute for the link to the graph.

Persistence beats brains any day. Unless you die being persistent.:bigeyes:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.