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WXD2-53 Multiturn potentiometers


I came across these (Chinese?) multiturn potentiometers with knob / dial, rated 1.6 Watt. Pricing seems OK on Ebay/Aliexpress.

I need something for phase-shift balancing (5K) and some for CCS adjustments (470R - 1K) in my current project.

I’m curious if anyone has tried these potentiometers. I haven’t yet found a good datasheet. Any info?

Regards, Gerrit


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2008-08-16 4:57 pm
I have similar 3590S type 10-turn wirewound potentiometers. Basically, they are fine yet you have to take into account that 5K 3590S have 6mH inductance and 150pF capacitance.

These are often copies of industrial potentiometers, yet I don't think they will survive 100k - 1mill turns as their historical counterparts.

Since the market of industrial potentiometers shrunk a hundredfold due to the low cost of encoders and microcontrollers, old equipment probably sold to Chinese factories. So it's not correct to call them counterfeits, it's rather an output of surplus and mostly obsolete technology.
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2016-06-07 6:50 am
I once tried to use a precision 10 turn wire-wound potentiometer as a volume control.

The idea was to be able to return to an exact attenuation value, by reading the 10 turn counter that had hundreds of markings.

It had a terrible square wave response, with extreme overshoot.
That was the end of that idea.