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WTS: Denon DCT-Z1

Alan Ang

2007-01-19 4:21 pm
this is the legendary DCT-Z1. only 1000 pieces in the world!
a top notch SQ deck!

• Proprietary Custom Designed Denon AL24 Processing Plus Circuit.
• Proprietary Multi-24bit D/A Converter.
• RCA Pre Outs(4V) supported by high-speed Burr Brown Line Amps for outstanding sound quality and low distortion.
• Copper plated chassis protects the Zl from outside radio frequency interference.
• Balanced Transmission System with a locking plug to assure reliable connection and eliminate noise.
• Six Pure Silver(99.999%Av) input and output cables, with Denon original metal pin jacks block out noise.
• Optional White or Orange Red Illumination with automatic dimming.
• 24 FM and 12 AM radio presets.
• Switchable analog/digital Auxiliary input with adjustable analog volume for perfect source loudness matching.
• 11 5db Signal to Noise Ratio on CD's.
• Coaxial digital input.
• Defeatable Tone Controls.
• 12/24hr. Quarts Clock.