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WTB: Want to buy 4x PSU Caps 15000uF 100v Epcos, Rifa, for Adcom GFA 555ii

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Looking to buy 4 new PSU filter capacitors to replace the old, dried-up ones in my Adcom GFA-555ii amp. Hoping to spend $25 or less for each.

Ideal specs:

brand-new, not used, not NOS
~2" diameter
~3-5" height

I would love to find some good quality caps with long life, low ESR and high ripple current. I have found spec sheets for such caps online, but none are available in small quantities.

I might consider buying used Evox Rifa PEH169 caps if they are the sort with the liquid electrolyte that last forever, but I imagine the price for those is sky-high by now?

If I can't find something good to buy, I might try starting a group buy. Here are a few good models I have found:

Epcos B41456B9159M - 15000uF, 100v, ESR 8, Ripple current 34, 12,000 hours life

Epcos B41456B9229M - 22000uF, 100v similar to above

Evox Rifa PEH200PK5150MU2 - 15000uF, 100v, ESR 14, Ripple current 37.6, 60,000 hours life

Vishay BC MAL210619153E3 - 15000uF, 100v, ESR 10, Ripple current 17.6, 20,000 hours life

I am new at this, so if anyone has suggestions or comments on what I need for this amp, I would be grateful. For example, are good quality caps going to have a significantly different sound than average caps?

Thanks to everyone!
Check with Apexjr. He had some of the Adcom OEM PS caps.

While you are at it, some, but not all, of the mk 2 versions had bypass caps on the PS caps. These will probably also need to be replaced.

If they are not there to begin with, then it is simple enough to tack them on the big PS caps (one for each). I forget the specific value, but the bypass caps were in the ballpark of 33 to 66uF.
Thank you for your help, WithTarragon.

I have considered the Adcom OEM PS caps from ApexJr, but I want to see what other options are available. I can't find any specs for the Adcom caps, so I am wondering how they might compare to some of the newer caps out there.

My Adcom GFA 555ii does not have the bypass caps on the PS caps. I will try adding some, and see what happens!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.