WTB Thiel SCS tweeter


2009-05-20 3:20 pm
Hi everyone :)

I have a pair of Thiel SCS monitors that I just picked up that need replacement tweeters

The SCS uses a coax driver from Seas (the 17RE series, 170mm , 2 way )

The tweeter uses a 26mm fabric dome, with neo magnet that fits in the voice coil opening- the woofer cone acts as a horn for the tweeter

The tweeters are easy to remove with only a slight push from behind

*See attachment for driver/ tweeter specs

The old tweeters work but have very low output. I do not know if they have been over-driven or if the ferrofluid has become gelled.

* Not a crossover issue

Anyone have a pair of tweeters?

Much thx



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