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WTB! Tda1541a S2

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Check out the Philips service centers in your country. They seem to have the S1 and S2 versions listed in the spareparts list. Here in Estonia there are numerous places who have the prices for the IC. I myself ordered S1 version last week. We'll see if I'll get one.....

to: Ergo

I called finland, they only spoke finish, so that wasnt possible, perhaps i could try later =D

Then i tried AS Serwest, but the guy could only find the tda1541a no more details.

Do you perhaps know if they carry that chip or do they have it on some of theirs list?

best regards - kasra
BTW kasra, what kind of project you have in mind?

Zero or oversampling ?
How will you do the I/V conversion?
What kind of buffer stage etc.

I'm also working my brain on possibilities of how to go with the project.

One thing is sure. I will be taking the signal (I2S) from my old Philips CD player. There is also a SAA7220 digital filter in there. Don't know if I'll gonna use it or not. Most likely I will try both ways just out of curiousity. It is also possible that I go for discrete I/V stage. There was a thread on the subject some time ago and there were very many interesting ideas....

Double crown?

Never saw one.

Suggestion: try using a digital filter, like a NPC5843 that can take I2S format, and a decent DAC form Burr-Brown or Analog Devices. Those old Philips' parts sound really poor when compared to modern parts. Trust me.........I've done this to dozens of players.

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