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WTB: Tang Band W4-1720

The speakers were prototyped, but found too low in spl for my project... I love the sound, but being used in an HT application, the spl was lower than I needed.

It was screwed on to a piece of wood for hearing while I built a crossover for it... it has seen very few hours... probably not even fully broken in. I also tried Zaph Audio za14 Zaph|Audio - ZA14W08 Woofer which was also good but good for nearfield monitoring, not for HT use... I can sell those also... will send pics once we agree on shipping


2011-01-18 11:22 am
Hello K-amps,
just a quick note to inform you that the drivers arrived in good shape:D
Flatbox was pretty bashed up but your idea to screw the drivers to the baffle fortunately saved them. And they really look as good as new, just like you told. I am extremely happy.

Thanks again