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WTB STK0177(STK-078?) and Marantz CD-63 HDAM parts.


2011-03-31 2:38 am
I have an old Technics SA-5160 that needs to have one power amp replaced. The module used there is STK0177.
I thought that just maybe I might get lucky and get one here... Not sure but as far as I know STK-078 should be a direct replacement too.

And the other less important thing... Seeing as most people are gutting them out I'd like to get my hands on the parts of Marantz CD-63 HDAM circuit. At least the active parts. A friend of mine did a bunch of mods on the player and roughed it up. I don't care what the majority seems to think of it, I'd like to have mine back.

It's mostly just small bits and pieces but still, if You have anything to offer please give me a rough estimate on shipping to Estonia as well.