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Wtb Sm5843a Dip

The SM5843A has > 110dB of stopband attenuation. It also does not
support 24-bit data.

The SM5842APT does support 24-bit data and has > 117dB of stopband

I have 1 pc of the SM5842APT. The other one that I have is soldered
into a DAC board, so it's not for sale. (I knew I had 2 of these!)

The part that I have is brand new, how about $20 plus shipping?

I'm not sure about the DG output, but the waveform timing is shown
in the data sheet, so maybe you can figure it out.
flshzug said:
lol lol calm down guys, I saw large numbers of 5842 on some stock trading site, we have multiple sources if we can get together 10-20 orders , I myself want 2 or even 4 if I build Spencer's ver3...

Great, count me in for (1) a GB on the SM5842AP/T if it is 30.00 or less. I was looking around and could only come up w/ VC America at $60.00 ea.

xtaltech, the SM5843 is NOS, unused. $20.00 plus shipping good?