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WTB - power supply caps

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Reply for Apex Jr.

I've been trawling the web without much success for spec's on those 26000uF Philips caps that you're selling . Have you any details on ripple current, ESR, and the like. Are they equivalent to the BC Components 3186's (except for not having screw terminals), as I understand that Philips have now bought BC.

Can you post these details either here or to my own e-mail address as I'm quite interested in buying several.


P.S. You've already given me a quote on sending 12 to the UK, I may well increase that to 16 if the specs are good enough.
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The Key on the spec sheet are the letters in the
part number. The 3186 is only a series the rest
tells you the information needed.
Complete part number

We know the 263 = 26 and 3 zero's 26,000uf
75 = 75 volts
one letter states leads instead of screw terminals

My fax number is 818 248-0490

Thanks for the offer

Apex Jr

Cheers Thingyness & Steve for the info.

As far as I can tell from the spec. sheet, the 26kuF @ 75V has a ripple current of at least 8.3A (Couldn't see an exact match for Steve's devices).

My plan is to have a pi-filter PSU for my Aleph 5 of 2*26kuF-2mH-2*26kuF for each voltage rail, similar to the figures suggested by NP at this thread:


Using NP's RoT, this suggests that the first cap. on each voltage rail should see 2.5A (*3=7.5, I even have some margin. Wow!). Am I overlooking anything basic here, as I'm not overkeen on NP's exploding capacitor approach!?! :hot:

P.S. Transformers are 2*ILP 28-0-28 500VA.
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