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WTB or advice on which preamp to buy -- I need optical input -- RCA outputs -- or amp

I was looking to build an amp, LM3886 or LM3875, but I do not really have the time.
Built LM3875 years ago and it sounded great, Brian GT boards I think.
Then found out Niles uses LM3886 incorporated into small modules.
Then just bought Niles SI-275 because it was so cheap and some reviews said it was bass heavy.

I need to buy a preamp with an optical input and RCA outputs.
What brands/models should I buy or does anyone have one for sale or maybe a kit? I have a case I like I have been saving for years.
Or I can buy an amp with optical input, which I think will be harder/more expensive.

There are a lot of (what I call) very nice RCA/analog amps out there for cheap. I guess it is old technology :confused: