WTB: NAD S300 Integrated Amplifier - Broken For Parts - Another EBay Horror Story

I recently bought this fine NAD S300 (Silverline) 100 W/Ch integrated amplifier from FleaBay (I shouldn't be!!).........But the complete left channel power amplifier circuit board with output devices/driver transistors was missing. The scumball paralleled the right power amp channel to both left and right speaker binding posts......so I am a stuck with a Mono amplifier to deal with.

Does anyone have an idea how I can get any circuit board (dead or alive) in order to allow me to repair this amplifier?

I will contact NAD but I just don't see them stockig a complete circuit board with Part Number # S300L 1723 205A 0000 .

Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance,


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Forgot to mention.....

The guy I bought it from.... he bought it from an Audiogon
Now we're in trouble FleaBay scumballs are invading Audiogon!

I am trying to work with the guy I bought it from as he seems to be honest in the sense that he couldn't understand why this Gryphon-manufatured S300 didn't sound as good as his surround sound receiver (No Sh1t - it's operating in MONO!).

I am really at odds in how to deal with fiasco!!!