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WTB : Monica 2


2006-10-10 2:52 am
i have one kicking around, i replaced it with the new usb monica so i no longer need it. I also have a 12v low noise power supply if your interested. It's a medical grade switch mode supply good for 3.5 amps. Right now the couping caps have been upgraded to russian paper in oil, but i can change them back to the stock blackgates, or include them w/monica. There just collecting dust anyways. If your interested let me know and i will send some pics.


Hi Dave,
Is the DAC fully built pcb by Yeo ?
Is R Broer's IV stage included ?
Is the DAC boxed or unboxed ?

I'm based in London, UK, so the mains voltage here is 240v (measures 265v at night !) So the psu will have to be 110v-240v input.

Let me know how much you want for it and how much for postage etc, we can continue using email, spamail AT gmx POINT net.