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WTB military electronics connectors

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I need 6 male and female military connectors like the one in the pics. They can be 2 through 7 pin.


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The amp I am building is a cross between military and steampunk. I would like to find
differing pairs of connectors. The odder, older, and more beat up, the better. I have
two chassis and need to connect the two.

Then surplus is the way to go. Some examples of what you can find:
Circular Connector
Mil-Spec & Circular Connectors

However, crimping and installing the pins is a problem.
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My company recently moved offices and threw out a LOT of old electronics stuff. Pretty sure some connectors similar to that were in the "junk" pile. We deal with a lot of Tyco, Amphenol, Deutsch connectors. Mostly industrial and automotive but some military stuff.
Some of these are commonly called "Cannon connectors".... (not the large gun, but the manufacturer).

I use these on my race cars....... you can also try some electronics surplus stores, where they are "less pricey",


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DJN - BFG4WD......

The Amphenol blue insert military connectors are interchangeable
You can take out the insert with just removing the slip ring holding it in and change
the male to female or vice versa. They also work with the Cannon Brown inserts
So you can have chassis mount (MS 3102) or cable mount (MS3106) whichever
way you want them.
Can't do it with the rubber inserts without an expensive machine
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