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WTB - MC phono amp (~500\850$)

It's a low MC cart 0,21mV very similar to mine Denon DL103R, also high compliance so needs a tonearm with high mass.

See the attached schematic with Salas Folded Simplistic schematic and Guide, I'm now doing one exactly for my Denon DL103R. Do you think can do it?


  • Salas Folded Simplistic MC Doc.pdf
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  • Salas 63dB Experiment_LMC.png
    Salas 63dB Experiment_LMC.png
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Sin Bin
2007-03-02 8:04 pm
Hey , Very clean &nice build !
That's mine 419 . Vary pleasant pre for the price . It doesn't have tube pre "bloom" but it is very neutral and smooth sounding. I see that you use big capacitor bank . When I built mine few years ago the fashion was "small and fast PSU " I was going to revisit the PSU with bigger power transformers and Pre regulated supply with at leat 10-20mF on the rail.
Rgrds, L


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