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WTB: manual(s) for TEKTRON TK Two 2A3/50S-i early (pre-2010? - model)

Recent acquisition without owner’s manual. Bought from second owner, local organizer for high-end audio gear shows of some renown.
Yes, I contacted the factory. They say it’s theirs. NO serial number or signature or any other ID inside/on the amp.


I contacted US/Canada distributor and was emailed a schematic dated 2015. (Thanks, Don)
Amp is much older than that with wiring, components, substantially different in earlier model I have. Trying my hand at circuit tracing/schematic creation but…

I’m GUESSING, based on a 6moons review of this amp March 2006 that it’s at LEAST that old as it looks JUST like the one in the review.


It has machined aluminum (not molded bakelite/resin) knobs, US -made Audience/Auricaps (first gen, not XO) and “Tech-caps” inside if that’s a clue to age and uses a 5Z3 rectifier.

How does it sound?

Except for a slight 120 Hz hum (should have new 5Z3 and power caps in a few days), just AMAZING!
And this is while running 21 year old basic Sophia 300b tubes (SN 292 and 309 with original data cards) I’m told are original to the amp, 1944 model 6F8G matched drivers (it came with SOVTEK 6NHC tubes - 6SN7 equiv.) into Klipsch Heresy IV’s and j just ordered a pair of EML 300b I look forward to breaking in.

I like having original manuals/data sheets for amps, preamps, other gear.

Hoping someone has this information and could photocopy, make PDF files or just send clear hi-res photos to me via email.

For actual manual? How much?


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