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WTB: LPUHP "The Wire" pcbs

Wow you have been looking for quite a while, I have a pair built up and cased in the closet.


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2004-12-26 9:38 pm
in the alps
Lol, yeah, I keep coming back to that design when I think about a summer amplifier (not a summing amp, but one for the warmer months).

Where are you located? I'm in Austria, Europe.

Edit: I just saw Bakersfield CA in your profile. I guess shipping would be somewhat of a deal breaker :/
Yeah, shipping to NY is fine. I'd want to sell the kit, for whatever my costs were back when I bought it. It looks like all the parts except the power transformer. Includes the little heatsinks for the bridge diodes, so weight might be a factor to get it to you.

I know you really just wanted the boards, but I don't want to break the kit up since I have it, and it would go to waste if I just sold the boards to you.

Full disclosure. From what I remember, this was the original design PWB. I think he had a 2nd revision with changes to reduce noise.