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[WTB] Looking for type 45 vacuum tubes


2009-02-15 3:46 pm

I've got National Union 45 ST, pair - 150EUR shipped

Also I've got something really special

two pairs of Silvertone 45A - this is 45 tube which can deliver ~3.2W of power if you apply 320VDC on the plate. Size of 2A3, better bass response and much higher output power than any regular 45 type. Actually it's like 2A3 single plate, with lower current and different loading (5-6k recommended).
It's not cheap as it is extremely rare - 350EUR pair


2016-03-11 8:07 pm
Do you still need?
I have many 45 ST's on hand and a few pairs of 45 Globe's.

I'd advise you pay a bit extra and get RCA's if you and going with ST envelope.

In Globe 45's there are many that are advisable.

let me know if I can help. I have 50+ years experience as an engineer focused primarily on vacuum tube based home and studio recording and playback equipment.

I currently have a pair of RCA Cunningham Globe 45's on ebay. my seller name is 1115monroe if you'd like to have a look.
thanks in advance.


I'm looking for a pair (or more) of 45 triodes, sockets too if you have.

Shipping would be to Austria, Europe. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Looking forward to your offers :)