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WTB: JBL L300 nelson pass crossover (DIY)


2015-08-28 5:54 am
WTB: JBL 4343 crossover (DIY) your service

can someone please build me a set JBL 3143 crossover, please PM me if you could build me one...thanks in advance!

my original plans were 3 way...but going 4 way...please if you guys can help let me know

Gordon you have a PM thanks
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Pictures of previous crossover designs, for armed:

Tannoy Glenair 15 "Hot Rod":

Altec 19 Clone:



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2011-04-29 8:37 pm
yeah, ill probably mess it up, new guy here.. I'll probably gonna burn my amp if i do it

Just buy the parts and pcb, and then ask around locally for someone to do the soldering for you.
A local high school kid or college student could do it. Advertise in Craigslist if you can't find anyone.
That said, the soldering isn't trivial, because of the large copper areas on the board. There is no
thermal relief for the solder joints.
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