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WTB in Oz: 150-200 watt stereo power amp


2007-12-05 10:39 am

> Welcome back to diyAudio!

Thank you! . . been a while )courtesy of diyAudio not liking my new gmail address . .) :xeye:

It’s for a two way active, crossed 250-500 Hz

I didn’t hear anything, so I’ll probably use a 5 * 140 wpc Marantz HT amp I have. The power should be enough for the bass, not sure about the SQ for >250~500 Hz . .

Few plate amps will cross above 150 Hz, and I want to run the CSX 10"s up to c 300 Hz. The newer Reckhorn A-400’s I was told can cross at 300 Hz, but its c $US 260 . .