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WTB : Film capacitor 1500Vdc / 600Vac minimum

MR Overclock

2016-06-12 11:17 pm
Why do you need such High voltage rating stuff?
If your running 450Volts then your capacitor max rating should be 30% higher than that, and to be really really safe use capactiors 50% higher than operating voltage

You can always put your capactiors in series if you want higher voltage ratings, not sure if it will cause any distrtion though in amps


Paid Member
2005-05-28 9:43 pm
The writer of the article uses OIL caps for line filtering, potentially dangerous as they fail short when overvoltaged and tries to reduce the risk by using Movs to clamp the voltage on higher voltage oil caps. This was the industrial practice 30 - 50 years ago before X designed caps specifically for AC line filtering caps in large values were available This is dangerous and unsafe. Use AC line rated X caps of the same value, smaller cheaper, safer .......................... it's your life you choose. Good X caps available at all the local suspects Digikey, Mouser, Allied, etc
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Hi Ticknpop,

That's what I said at post #5, I was aiming for the X1 safety rated caps, but my requested voltage may be too high. The guy from the article was refering to meeting UL specifications but most of you are saying this is not right so I'll just double check to make sure.

Maybe I should find a more modern article for that type of project?